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After-sales support


Spasys offers a full after-sales service as part of its long-term partner relationship with banks and financial institutions. This service is completely flexible: the support levels are defined according to the individual needs of each of our customers.

Standard maintenace
Our standard maintenance service guarantees the follow-up of standard packages and includes new module releases. Spasys thus frees your bank from any worry related to the future evolutions of our products.

Help desk Support
Additionally, our customers can benefit from a full support for all custom-made applications. This support covers all required evolutions and enhancements following continuous business development. It can be extended to other services, such as user's helpdesk, operation support, etc. In other words, our consultants hold not only the know-how about our products, but also the knowledge of the bank's specific environment.


If you are a major financial institution introducing change into your organization and would like expert assistance with your project, call us.
Banks do not always need consultants, but when implementing major technology projects, external resources are a must, either to allow day to day operation of the institution to continue without interruption or to bring in new expertise necessary for successful completion of the project